Maybe I am going old fashion but I really dig a good looking, well made pair of shoes. The way all these intricate pieces of leather go together to give form and texture.


Thidwick, The Band

A friend asked me to come up with a few shots to advertise his cover band Thidwick, and to get a nice ad for his merchandise. I decided for clean front pictures for the apparel. I also had more lights and modifiers than usual. For this shot, my beloved 300ws through a double baffled rectangular softbox as a main light, a gold reflector, hair light, and a homemade continuous light. This last one resulting in a nice blue hue to the background. 

Yes, I could have achieved the same with two lights, maybe, and more digital darkroom work. But hey, a man can only spend so much time on the computer and I am almost out of Starbucks Keurig cups. The final result, a somewhat purist photo approach.

Red Dress

Single light portrait. Positioned to enhance skin and add a touch of hair light without killing those beautiful shadows. A little too close or too far and the magic is gone. I have both a mono and color version but I had to go color on this one. Even though the mono version really works bringing the midtones and dark shadows. But the brilliant red dress brings so much life to the picture that this had to be full color. And again, the magnificent X-E1 Fuji camera delivers flawlessly. Excellent color rendition, sharp, and a beauty to shoot with.

Martha: Basic Lighting

Martha: Basic LightingSometimes going back to basics can get you that one shot you were looking for. A single light through a rectangular softbox. Get it close to the model. Put aside the shyness and get closer and closer too. Get the eyes sharp, textbook. Tilt the head and open the mouth a little. Shot. Repeat. Then, time for the digital darkroom. And a cup of coffee.


Rubi: Lights


9386623413_354d3f4f7f_oThere is something perfect about the simplicity of some portraits. An almost too dry setup of lights, and a beautiful model. The model and light arrangements are practically countless. Yet the vision remains one.

Then, the constant search for that split of a second. To adjust. And the search resumes. For the purist, the search has ended. But for those of us who believe in the magic of the digital darkroom, there awaits hours of decision making, cups of coffee, and second questioning every new version.

Yet the vision remains.